Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pretty parks

Last weekend there was a Canadian woman staying with my supervisor - so they took her around to see some pretty things in Ibaraki. I tagged along- here's some pictures.

The kodokan house in Kairakuen park:

How lovely.

We bumped into Mitochan (the child of Mito) the mascot of Mito city.

A very traditional japanese lunch:

Can you identify any of these items?:

In the Second course we had our own traditional rice cookers:

This guys a big deal in ibaraki- but who can remember his name?:

Senba lake:

We visited the shrine of Yoshikawa family (my supervisors family) we lit incense and poured water onto the statues:

Then we visited a massive giant statue- there's a legend about seashells and a giants hand- that's all I can tell you:

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  1. How come this Mitochan chick has blonde hair????? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful places, I had better improve my watercolour tecniques (er, dont have any yet) so I can paint all these fab places and amazing plants.
    Yes, I still hope to come to Japan, so get used to the idea!


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