Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lost dog

At some point this week, I will make a big post about my awesome weekend. But I thought I should just quickly post that on my way home this evening (in the dark with rain and lightening) I found a lost dog (googled it- dog breed is kishu- very cute) it was running around on the Main Street in my town with a long wire lead attached to its collar. I figure it's owner had it locked up outside- it somehow broke free. I caught it and took it to the police station. The police here are so nice!! They took my statement (had Alistair translating over the phone) and took the dog. I hope they find it a home. I feel like a hero!!

The dog looked like this:

I was asked by the police if I wanted to buy the dog. I said "no, I don't think you understand, you need to find the owner of the dog."

The next day, I told my superviser about what happened.

She went and found the terms for my apartment to show me I am not allowed pets.



  1. You ARE a hero, my hero!!!!!
    I googled that breed and in my eyes, it just wasnt that cute!! bit weird looking,but I suppose it is a Japanese breed so it would look different to a Molly dog!
    Don't forget its Rosh Hashana this Wednesday evening and Thursday, (new year) I suppose going to a chabad may be out of the question? I sent Dov and Leah a card etc., they are good people. Chez seems to have settled down!!

  2. im not doing anything - got school x


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