Sunday, 22 September 2013

I like things here

Slowly easing into life here- still adapting- I think it will take all the way until Christmas to feel properly normal- maybe longer- maybe this place will never feel real. Trying to orientate myself here is hard in some ways- as soon as you think you've figured something out it changes. I thought I had figured out the general vibe of mito- but I've just found out that it's the punk capital of Japan- and now Im very excited. I've also just found out that I'm an hours drive away from the largest ostrich farm in Japan. Apparently you can go there- pet the ostriches and then eat ostrich meat- haha!!!

I visited the beach in my town for the first time today- I didn't go swimming in the sea before you go all crazy about radiation- I just sat on the sand with Dyar (new amigo). It was really nice. It's always been a dream of mine to live near a coast- have my own beach- somewhere I can go whenever I want. And  now I have it. How did it take me two months to finally go there? It's a 15 minute drive from my flat. What a beautiful place- I can't wait to go in the winter- when the beach is empty of tourists, families and surfers, and it's just me and the winter sea. My only exposure to beaches has been on hot holidays; bikinis, kids splashing around, people sunbathing etc.. I've never spent time at a beach during a different season- I'm so curious and excited. I can enjoy that incredible sound of waves crashing whenever I want- what a luxury. 

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  1. Wow! It all sounds pretty amazing, I never knew you had a dream about living near the coast! I'm learning more about you from your blogs than the 20 something years living with you! Anyway, much more important, tonight was the first in a new series of Downtown Abbey!!!! I have recorded it, so when I am alone (uncle alan is still here) I will sit down with a nice cuppa and relish every second!


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