Friday, 23 August 2013

Paper work

Term hasnt actually started yet. So I havent been teaching yet. In Japan the teachers do not get holidays off like the students. I know that sounds bad, but theres loads of bank/national holidays, so theres a lot of 3 day weekends, I heard somewhere that theres about 15, but I think its less than that. Also I get 20 days paid leave, so thats pretty decent I reckon. What I have been doing everyday is going into my base school and working in the office. 3 and a half weeks of just sitting in an office everyday between 8.30-4.15, getting on with things. thats a lot of time ive had to kill. But ive generally been already, I split it between trying to study some Japanese (although I really have to feel quite motivate to do so).. and lesson planning and then mostly going on facebook chat to other JET people (sorry to admit). I have already completed my self-introduction lesson, which I will probably be giving an easy 60 or so times. I know that sounds like a lot... but Ive slowly been getting parts of my schedule and it seems like I have a lot of classes to teach. I have to teach at 4 different schools, so thats a different school each day of the week, apart from wednesdays and friday where i will be teaching at the same base school. still following? theres more... Each school has a different timetable of rotations between the different classes I will be working at. For example, in my Tuesday school, I will be teaching 15 different classes, and each tuesday I will only teach 2 or 3 classes, this means that the rotation of classes is every 2/3 months - I have also been told that I can do the same lesson with every class - this sure makes things a hell of a lot easier. The same lessons every tuesday 2 or 3 times for 3 months. I have loads of sheets with different timetables. I have the general timetable, of which school I will be going to on each day. Then I have each schools calender, so I know when national holidays and special events are, I also have my teaching schedule for each individual school, which gives me which classes I will teaching in on which days. So yea, a lot to get my head around. One thing I have had to force myself to get better at whilst arriving in this country is going with the flow, not worrying too much about the future, just concentrate on each day at a time. Plus my supervisor gets a little overwhelmed and confused when I ask too many questions. I have learnt to just put my faith in her and trust that she will let me know about changes and events and all sorts of documents and insurance forms and whatever that I need to have or sign or display in a particular place or way or something I need to pay or buy or set up a standing order bla bla. its been a lot of paper work. But I have got this really cool stamp which says my name on it in japanese, and I get to stamp loads of things with it using red ink. Makes me feel like the mayor of animal crossing or something. Ill take a picture of it when I get home from school and post it up here.

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