Friday, 9 August 2013

To ibaraki

I was glad that Tokyo orientation had ended. It was too intense, and it was held at a massive labyrinth of a hotel- I can't describe the environment of Tokyo orientation as ive never experienced anything quite like that before- at most I can compare it to being at university freshers week - where everyone is new and exciting- every time you go to a different workshop or lecture or into an elevator or just to the toilet or a hall way or a meal or change which room you are in, or look in a different direction, you are bombarded with other new JETs all recognisable by their name tags and overwhelmed expressions. Combine this with being incredibly jet-lagged and stuffed into a time-less hotel bubble in Tokyo. 

I was relieved to say the least to board the bus to Ibaraki in a small group of 6.

Although Tuesday was another sleepless night, I was in a good mood as I travelled with my "new best friends" (their words) to our prefectural ceremony.

When we arrived at the office in Mito we had to take part in an actual small ceremony where we had to bow to a bunch of people and meet our new supervisors.

I then went off with my supervisor Yoshikawa to get lunch. We went for sushi- probably the best sushi experience I've ever had- I finally understand what all those snobby people who complain about the quality of sushi in the UK are on about- the real stuff is soooo much better than what you get at your regular yo! Sushi back home. 

Daniel (new jet in Mito who I met in Orientation - he's from Toronto) and his supervisor happened to go to the same restaurant as us which was cool- here's Daniel with his supervisor :

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