Sunday, 4 August 2013

The departure and the arrive

Saying goodbye to my siblings at the airport:

After waving goodbye to moo, chez and joe at heathrow T5, it wasn't long before I started bumping into fellow JETs and accumulating into a large group in the departure lounge. Everyone seemed in the same frame of mind, tired and stressed. 

It was when we started boarding the plane that the excitement started to kick in- my paper work was done. All my last bits of shopping to do at the airport was done. And now it was time to really start the adventure!!!

The flight was a bit of a weird one- I am not going to list the few small embarrassing things that happened to me- just know that in my desperate attempt to sleep on the plane in order to escape from the evil ways of jet lag- I exercises somewhat foolish means. I managed to get my 4/5 hours and for that I was grateful...despite feeling nauseous and shaky for my first few hours in Tokyo.

After bag collection in Narita and being greeted by green people at the airport:

Zara is excited by these, here is the first one I came across at the airport:

Here is the view from my hotel room:

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