Sunday, 11 August 2013

Phone and wifi

I went to SoftBank with my supervisor to sort everything phone and Internet related out:

I finally sorted out a phone and Internet contract. Here's my pay as you go SoftBank flip phone:

I've also got this 'pocket wifi thing' which is really good as I can bring it in the car and use satnav on my ipad if I get lost (which seems to be happening a lot):

Just before you get impressed by my ability to use japanese technology, I can assure you that everything is programmed to be in English.


  1. Wow, so far so good! I like the look of that mini grill place! Watch out for drunken ducks, ha ha!! It must take a good few weeks to sort yourself out. What's the driving like over there, are there signs in English (as if) So proud of you Za za!!!!

    1. The driving is easy- its the same as home pretty much- but everything is laid out American style- so best of both worlds. Really enjoy driving an automatic. Loads of useful roadsigns have English luckily so I can navigate mt way around

  2. Replies
    1. is that sarcastic? also ive just added some stuff so you can enjoy that for the time-being sir


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