Saturday, 17 August 2013

Oarai beach

Oarai is a small beach town on the east coast of Japan, just south of Hitachinaka and Mito. During the summer it fills up with surfer babes and babettes.

At the beach shack you can get something to eat and a beer: 

I had some takoyaki, which is octopus in deep fried battered balls, it's really tasty:

These guys were playing a game with a blind fold and a watermelon:

The sand looks like dirty mud, but once you get to know it it's actually the silkiest softest sand I've ever encountered:

Cutest Japanese baby ever:

People come to Oarai beach to surf, I can't wait to try it:

This surfer let me take a picture of his very nasty tattoo:


  1. What are those weird concrete things on the beach????

  2. Not sure about that watermelon game, looks a bit like a frustrated kind of samurai game!!
    You look cute on the beach!!!!

  3. those concrete things are on loads of beaches - I saw then in Italy too - not quite sure what they`re for


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