Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Kawarago beach and sushi dinner

I had an accident just before this photo was taken:

After the beach we went for sushi:

Mini-Steak sushi:

After loads of yummy sushi- my plates totalled 750 yen (about a fiver) amazing!!


  1. Hiya! You look like you are having a blast, I am well Jel!!!
    You have no idea what an uproar your comment 'I had an accident before this' caused, your Dad assumed you had been in a car accident, and told uncle alan this, so when I got home from where ever I had been, I was greeted with 'Zara has been in an accident!' You can imagine how I felt, but I thought, no, that cant be right, I have just had a whatsap from you, and of course I was right not to panic - can you believe it!!!

  2. for god sake you guys over-react to everything. Tell me you get how thats a joke?


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