Sunday, 25 August 2013

A good weekend

Friday night met at the drunken duck in Mito with a lot of ALT's based in Ibaraki. Here's some photos I stole from someone else- I really need to get a camera 

Look at all my shiny new friends. A lot of them are baseball cap wearing Americans- but I guess I'll have to get used to it.

We also did karaoke until 5 in the morning- that was a little excessive but worth it.

On Saturday night we went to the Hitachinaka matsuri firework festival. And then to the other drunken duck in Hitachinaka. I had 5 American people sleeping on my floor afterwards.

I took a bunch of pictures on this guys camera, so I'm waiting for him to upload everything and then I can steal all the pictures and put them up here.

It's Sunday now- I'm really tired after going out two nights in a row so I'm just sitting in my apartment- feeling poo watching japanese children's tv (best thing in the world) and drinking green tea. 

Earlier I took marlys (girl from Texas) and tommy (new York frat boy) to the mall pet shop- which means I've been there 3 Sundays in a row... I really need to stop doing that.

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  1. What's with all the drunken ducks!!! And who is that Japanese fella behind you, where does he think he is?????
    Keep on bloggin' everyone is reading it!!!!


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