Saturday, 27 July 2013

Note to family

Here is a run-down of my first week in Japan:

Sunday (August 4th 2013): Arrival in Tokyo.
Monday-Tuesday: Intensive 2 day orientation at Tokyo.
Wednesday: I will be travelling to my prefecture and placement. (Ibaraki: Mito)
Thursday - onwards: I'm not completely sure how things will pan out. I imagine I will be getting everything set up. This includes a Japanese bank account, phone contract, apartment, internet in my apartment etc, induction at new job, exploring my new home town...

please note! that from when I arrive in Ibaraki, it will tricky for me to access the internet; possibly for the first 2 weeks. With this in mind please don't freak out when you cant get hold of me. Try not to call me on my phone as it will cost A LOT of money! (And there is a time difference) - keep this in mind!!

I will blog and send whatsapp messages as often as I can. But please be patient.

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