Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Home for christmas

So, how was your holiday? 

Hmm. To avoid the effort that comes with using actual word-sentences and press buttons, here's one of those lazy blog posts with pictures and accompanying nondescript captions to summarise. Woof.

Family turned goths:

Enforced poker with cousins:

Catching up with Ibafamily:

Hangover brunch on the first day of 2017:

Sibling love:

Mother turned geisha:

 New years celebration dinner:

With the Bristol vet:

 Winter wonderland:

Cousin Katie:

Bloody Aziz:

Mill Hill alumni annual Xmas eve tradition:

Christmas dinner:

Boxing day walk in Totteridge:

Xmas eve day with the Fulham lot:

The conclusion: punched in the face with jet-lag. But worth it.

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