Saturday, 9 July 2016


This was really awesome:

My housemate Colin took me to see some of his favorite local bands at the UFO club in Koenji.

It's a really fun little underground space. Very 60s/70s deco vibe.  At the start of each set, a long curtain draws opens to reveal the opening of each act.

I took a short video of the opening of THE CHOCOLATES:

These guys were pretty nuts.

Following this performance I stole the drummers glasses for a little end of the night selfie action:

I think the most insane act were headliners, the Texaco Leatherman. I filmed a little bit of this on my phone. I knew the quality would be bad, but I was more or less in disbelief, and phone cameras were created for those exact moments:

Its pretty fun to know this stuff is available in Tokyo. I found their Twitter account too: Texaco Leatherman Twitter

Woop. Now I better get out of bed and head up to Ibaraki to see some old chums, its raining like crazy though.....

Also, last night was really fun I went to another Heineken sponsored event at the UltraSuperNew Gallery... meaning free beers, music and entry. After everyone got kicked out and was told to move it along because Harajuku is apparently a residential area and we were making selfish gaijin noise, about 30 of us congregated outside of a 7-11 for about 45 minutes. What can I say? The air was warm, the drinks were cheap and the toilets were clean, minus the music its got everything you need. Eventually a police car pulled up and we got ushered along. We then walking about 5 minutes down the road to where there was another combini, and congregated there too. TAKE THAT the super nice, ultra reasonable Japanese police and system.

What a hoot.

NEWAYZZ... I was never gonna leave you without something to keep it funky fresh....

If you're gonna funk, it better be for Jamaica.

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