Thursday, 2 July 2015

being productive is hard when you're......unproductive

I have the N4 exam on Sunday. Frankly I'm embarrassed by how poor my Japanese is after almost two years. N4 is basic level, and there's a big possibility I'm going to fail.

As the students have had exams, I had an entire week with no classes... but have hardly studied. I've had almost too much time on my hands. It seems the busier I am, the easier it is to find time to study, yet when the days are filled with nothing, studying Japanese seems impossible. Also, I'm not someone who is great at cramming at the last minute...sorry life.

Why is this?

Why is it, when we have so much time on our hands, productivity is the hardest thing to achieve?

I currently have a friend who lost his job and apartment, living on my couch - yes I harbour aliens...and what?. He has already been there a whole month.

In that time, he has accomplished almost nothing. He has done some flat hunting, and has found something in Tokyo to move into in the next couple weeks, but apart from that, he spends all day on the couch... reading, watching TV and chilling out. He's supposed to be studying Japanese and job-hunting, but I think he's finding it hard to keep motivated.

When I got home from work yesterday, he greeted me with an enthusiastic "I found someone in Tokyo who will pay me 2500 yen to shave off my pubes.." ...this was the only success of an entire days moping. Hmm, maybe trying to find a job on Craigslist isn't the best idea?

I'm not complaining, I actually love having Cass stay with me, I've been sneaking home from school and watching GTO with him on my lunch breaks. It's also nice to have someone to talk to, living alone has been quite a challenge these past two years - although its got positives (walking around naked.... playing whatever music/tv I want...), one thing I've learnt is that I definitely prefer a housemate.

Oh, yes, I was talking about productivity or something..... yea, better get on with some revision. In fact, I know I'm procrastinating when I've managed to write an entire blog post whilst supposedly taking a "5-minute fb-check break" in between doing practice listening exams. WHOOPS.

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