Tuesday, 16 September 2014

3 day weekender

3 days of not changing my clothes. impromptu night at the duck after a late finishing Japanese class and a full day of work, followed by a JET meeting in Mito, gotta love them. Although I always end up getting way too hyperactive. 45 friends in one room and suddenly being able to be yourself, no holding back, too much to handle.

This of course is always followed by a night at the duck, that's 2 in a row for those of you counting. This means two nights in a row of sleeping on a futon round Robbie's. Saturday morning I met some of the boys down at the batting cages and had some therapeutic swings. Found out my new favourite Tskuba JET, Derek (or Jeremy for arguments sake) has one leg longer than the other. 

I finally had the chance to go home and take a much needed shower after this. Met Randy on the beach for a run, something I've been wanting to do since I discovered running the start of this year. barefoot in the sand. Glorious. Train into Mito, again, to meet a larger group for a tempura dinner. There was 8 of us, I will not do the boring task of listing them off. Two hours of karaoke. No nomihoedie, thank god. 

Sunday headed down to Ishioka for an incredible matsuri. Definitely the best one I've ever attended. Huge dragon floats, portable shrines, the drums, the kimonos, and about 6000 yen spent on every type of festival food I could get my hands on.  I won a turtle named it Sharon Van Terrapin. 

Monday I went to a music festival with Cassidy in the Saitama Stadium 2002. AMAZING. The best day so far. Pictures to come. 

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