Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer summer summer time

Everyday sitting in the office. No school. Just study. Beach on the weekends and after school. It's so hot - that being drenched in sweat is a constant state.

Last night Randy came round and I cooked a curry.

I leave my car windows open at all times - there's nothing worth stealing in there - not that anyone would because...Japan. This morning a large spider had cast a web over the driving seat. It was thick and scary. I spent a good 10 minutes mustering the courage to dispose of it.

Last weekend Josh came up from Tokyo and I took him to the Mito matsuri.

In my town the Rock in Japan festival is taking place over the weekends so Katsuta feels strangely alive.

A couple weeks ago I met some of the broadway cast of "Bring it On the Musical" on my local bus... I helped them buy tickets back to Tokyo.

Yesterday I bought flights to go to Hong Kong. I will be going for a few days at the very end of August. I will be staying with Addie.

This week I had a mini ceremony in which I was handed the contract for another year. Another year. This week is my Japaniversairy. What does the next year have in store? I need to push harder at Japanese - I need to keep exploring. Make the most of it. Say yes to it all. There are quite a few places of my Japan bucket list. But I shouldn't worry too much about squeezing it all it - I will have time when my contract expires to travel around a little bit. I also need to save. I need money to travel. That is my only goal at this point - see it all - see as much as possible. Make the most of this time.


  1. Great to see your blog again!! (isn't the phrase - have in store, not stall) not sure actually, anyway, love you.................................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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