Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A girly weekend

There was a sleep over party at Tiffani's on Friday night.

Marlys made cookies:

This is basically as girly as it gets:

There's something about a girls night every now and then which makes me feel so good. It is necessary to occasionally get into that headspace. I miss my ladies nights with my tour de garcon crew from back home more than I can say. being able to do something similar here sure keeps me grounded and helps fill that hole.

What a whole bunch of awesome:

I was planning on going to Tochigi prefecture on the Saturday to do some touristy stuff (as Tiff lives on the Western side of Ibaraki and close to the border), however, it is rainy season here right now.... and Saturday was a particularly rainy day. We ended up at Uchihara mall. It was very crowded as one can expect from a large shopping mall on a rainy weekend. But I enjoyed it. I go to that mall every Thursday on my way back from Tomobe, but had never been with other people. This week I will hopefully take Chez there too.

Just to point out, there is a childrens clothes shop in the mall called "Starvations":

After the mall I journeyed down to Tokyo - spent the night with Josh and then spent Sunday in Shibuya with JJ. This picture was taken next to the famous Shibuya crossing. We couldn't figure out who they were, a boyband? or maybe some models promoting a nearby store? Who knows?:


In case you don't know who JJ is, he is a very sweet gay dude who's been here for 5 years now. We know him because he was originally based in Ibaraki, but now he is living round the Yokohama area. This is a picture of the two of us from the Hibiya beer festival:

Here's some other stuff we encountered on Sunday:

People here are so crazy about One Direction (god knows why) that they have their own shop:

A crane machine with plastic croissants:
(*I am not sure how to rotate this images, if they appear wrong I'm afraid you will just have to tilt your head or the screen. Gomen.)

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  1. Fab, Fab, Fab, !! Great pictures. Went to the anniversary screening of Zulu last night in Leicester Square, red carpet even with Prince Harry and a host of famous people including your cousins Ian and Susannah!!! xx


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