Monday, 23 June 2014

eye spy with my little stye

I noticed some redness on the top of my eyelid yesterday... and thought that maybe I was a little run down. I woke up today - there it was, a stye. The first I've ever had. I did my usual freak out. Google it - figure out what the hell I should do - and what I certainly shouldn't do. This stye is small and almost unnoticeable...I think. Whats more noticeable is that I'm not wearing make up to work. As far as these things go - it's come at a good time. I have a whole week of take it easy down time at work - no classes - go to the base school everyday. I will go home at lunch and lie on my couch with a hot tea bag on my eye. I will pamper this stye. I will give it what it wants. medication? fine... hot damp cloth? fine... A sacrificial japanese kawaii kitten... if it so wishes. Whatever it takes. I will give my all to appease the stye gods and be rid of their evil cursed spawn.

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