Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Robbies birthday and an ALT meet-up.

This was the week before last I am accounting for. Although it looks like I have abandoned this blog, I actually wrote this all out at the time, but annoyingly the post got deleted - and it took me a little time to get round to re-writing it. As anyone who has written long emails, or worked on essays, or any work on a computer really will know, there is nothing more frustrating then having something you just spent time constructing getting deleted.

So I am back, and I will fill in some blanks. before I go into things, I might add that only this morning have I had such an obvious revelation. The way I have been studying this entire time has been wrong. From today, I will be getting much better use out of the みなの日本語 (minna no nihongo) textbook. I will also be hitting the save button after every paragraph.

Robbie's birthday fell on the day of the last JET ALT meet up for this academic term. Naturally, a night of hard karaoke was had the night before... a hang over being the only way that those oh so boring meetings are tolerable. As Freddie so wisely described to me, as we were having a little complaint session over it in the car afterwards, the meetings are more of a "meta-meeting".... In many ways the meeting feels like it is a meeting about a meeting. "I have a question about your question".... is something I heard more than once. Although, I shouldn't really complain, the meetings are a fun way to get everyone together, and you always see random JETS that you wouldn't otherwise knew existed. Also a group photograph was taken. Unfortunately, the only version I can get hold of was taken on Hana's iphone with questionable quality:

I don't want to ever forget the state of daniel, tommy and chris G. as they entered that meeting... the form they were in and the night they had had before.. Unfortunately I cannot share any of this here. But know that it was, as is all things experienced by those 3 collectively, ridiculous.
I also went for a rather lovely lunch with a certain Mr.John Dicks. He struggled to eat a tiny piece of extremely boney fish with a pair of chopsticks. I think I filmed it, and might try find this video at a later date.

Robbies birthday extended to a weekend in Tokyo which I will describe in the next post.

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