Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hibiya Beer

This happened in Hibiya park in Tokyo:

A German beer festival. It was a hot day.

Following this, me and Josh (new Tokyo person) snuck into an amazing progressive rock concert. Apparently the tickets were 4,300 yen. HAHAHAHARRRRRRR. I bought a T-shirt. The name of the band is Rovo. I really need to listen to more of their stuff. We befriended a pseudo-hippy, this little Japanese dude who clearly couldn't hold his drink. But, those are always the best people to practice Japanese on for some reason.

Following this was a birthday dinner for Robbie at an ezakiya in Shinjuku. I can't find the pictures inside the place, which is a shame because it was a themed Kabuki restaurant... but I found these ones.... we all got a free sword and posed with them afterwards:

Following this we went to the gay-district in Tokyo, cannot remember the name. And there was a lot of waiting around as dramas unveiled. Some parts of that night are better not remembered.

On the Sunday we went to cookie time in Harajuku. I ate a caramel sundae and it changed my life.

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