Wednesday, 5 March 2014


We went to a horror themed ezikaya in Tokyo for yukikos (aka shmookiko aka yukibro) s birthday. As I have just had a massive spaghetti bolonaise lunch I feel all lazy and dont feel like writing about it. If your curious, you can read about alcatraz here:

Yukiko had a picture taken with all the boys and the gals who turned up, it was pretty cute:

 This was followed by a night club called Muse (music was awful as I expected) and then staying at the same hostel we stay at every trip down to tokyo.. the Shinjuku Ace. In the morning we went for mexican food because as I have learnt, Americans are obsessed. But it is great hangover food, and there's a place in Roppongi which makes them well.

We then split up - some went shopping. Some of us went on an unnecessarily long pilgrimage for a Starbucks. We ended up going to the one at Tokyo station - where we would later catch a bus back to Mito. Apparently I dont understand the concept of starbucks. Because I bought a cup of earl grey tea for 450 yen. This is a piss-take amount of money. But im not really sure what Im supposed to order. Everytime I got for one of those fancy frappe latte mocha chocka swirl cinamon frappucino things I end up getting a mouth full of over-priced whipped cream. When I order tea, I know I am paying too much money, but at least its for something I can understand and tend to desire.

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