Tuesday, 18 March 2014


One of the best things is going to a Japanese restaurant in Japan with Japanese people. When you find yourself in such a situation you can expect to eat something interesting and amazing. I experienced this on Friday night at a sushi restaurant. Our friend Tomoe took us to a nice little place where she used to work. We were served "tuna heart". Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of this. You will just have to take my word for it that fish hearts have a sharp tangy taste. This is who I was with:

Cage and Aita. Aita apparently is the lightest weight human being in Ibaraki. I was able to test this theory by carrying him. You wouldn't think it but hes actually 30 years old:

Me and Tomoe:

Later we went round to this dudes apartment. reaaaalllly cant remember his name, but hes the guy who runs knox record store in mito and has a shit tonne of punk records in his place. Freddy turned up which was nice - although he had gotten through an entire box of wine to himself by the time we found him - so he was somewhat of a shamble. This is the only pic I can find:

I figure that because that isn't a picture of Freddy, and I couldn't find one of him from that night, I will post a picture of him anyway because there doesnt seem to be enough of Freddy on this blog and that's a real shame:

In fact, Freddy is one of a pack of three which are commonly referred to as "The Oarai Boys". Im not sure if I've already mentioned them somewhere on this blog, but I have a very special place in my heart for these boys. They all live in apartments, one on top of another in a mental assylum on the top of a hill. Three of Britains finest if I might say so myself, and I believe I might. This is from a couple months back when I specifically requested to have a picture taken with them - as I rarely find all three together at the same time. What a fiiiiiiiine bunch. Freddy, Chris and Alistair:

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