Thursday, 13 February 2014

the bangs are back

I gave myself a "drastic" hair cut this week.

I am my own personal and favourite hairdresser.

I suddenly feel young again. Not that im getting too old. But it felt like a new breath of life - or whatever the expression is. I caught my reflection in a computer screen at school on Monday. I suddenly realised that my hair was getting way too long - the ends all split and unhealthy looking. The whole thing was looking frizzy - basically it looked like a bush in an overgrown, uncared for garden. I dont know the adjective to describe it. But I remimded myself of this unfortunate looking girl I met at the JET London orientation. She was one of those bizarre people who had been growing her hair for years and never thought to cut it. Her hair was so long, it went down to her butt. I hate this. What happens when these people with the obnoxiously long hair go to the toilet? does it not hang down into the bowl? What are they doing? trying to save money on a scalf? Or do they actually think that this is atractive. eww.

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