Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ladies night

For the first time since arriving in Japan I had a girls night. Some of the ladies based round northern ibaraki stayed the night at Hana's little house in hitaciomiya. Where she lives is so incredibly beautiful, it really is what you expect and hope to see from the japanese country side. 

We drank wine, giggled about everything,bitched about boys and danced to Beyoncé. It was exactly what you would expect, and reminded me of times spent with my main lady crew from home. viva la tour de garçon.

 I don't know why it took so long for us all to get together like that. I felt down my first few months here because I didn't feel as though I had really connected with any of the girls here. I had quickly developed friendships with several of the boys - but I craved the type of conversation you can really only have with female friends. 
I'm so glad to say that I now have a wonderful crew of lady friends here- and not just random female friends scattered - but a real group- a support system to call upon and organise a ladies night when needed. Yay! 

The cool thing about staying round at a mates in Japan is that there seems to be an abundance of futons- so everyone gets all cosy together. Lay a bunch of futons out in a row (fit to the length of the room)- throw a million blankets, pillows, duvets and an electric blanket or two down (Especially in winter)- then you have yourself the recipe for a sleepover party. 

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