Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hokkaido Trip part 1

We went on a 4 day trip tp Hokkaido last weekend.

Here's the run down.

Thursday night: Drove down to Shin-Moriya with Alana, Tommy and Riley. We, as well as Randy stayed at Dyars. Riley and I share the same type of insomnia - we both didnt sleep all night because Randy was snoring. Luckily I had someone to lie awake with and complain all night.

Friday: Wake up bright and early at 6 after one hours sleep. Head to Haneda airport. Conflict over how Haneda is pronounced. Im starting to learn that the way I pronounce anything in Japanese is completely off. Being a posh Brit, apparently I struggle with the Japanese 'a'. 

On the plane journey I wore a face mask as I was sat next to an ill person. I also played a paper game with a few people - something to do with interpreting images and senteces and images and sentences until you end up with something entirely different from what you started. 

Friday was a whole day of travelling. Eventually we arrived in Niseko. We hired to chalets to fit our large group of 18. There were issues deciding who would stay with whom. Total playground politics. Some tried to avoid this on-coming issue by suggesting "a boys house and a girls house" - but then the winning suggestion - which I originally poo-pooed was that of "a party house and a quiet house".  Then a night of debauchery in the chalet I ended up in.

There was a medium-level funny in-joke on this trip that words that one was unable to come up with would be replaced with "chalet".

In the chalet:

All photos have been stolen from friends facebook albums.

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