Friday, 17 January 2014

on second thought

I dont know why I was so angry. I feel bad. Im not really angry. for god sake im crap at being angry - that sort of energy always gets converted into silliness at some point anywayz. Well one of my all time silly mood sountracks is patrick wolf, which Ive been listening to all morning. what an old classic. the only gig ive proudly done the do-si-do at. That was with charlie baylis. what an odd re-occuring character in my life. I should write the story of my relationship with charlie baylis before its forgotten from my life memory.

In early 2007, at the Dublin Castle pub in Camden Town (my old favourite - as it was the only place I didnt get ID'd prior to being the age of legal consent) - I went out for a drink with my friend Nancy. More exactly, we arranged to meet there for a drink. But she had arrived before me. And in the time before my arrival, Nancy had been left unaccompanied, in which time she had been hit on by Charlie Baylis. My memory from that long ago evening involves him writing her a poem about how lovely he thought she was and claiming he had won some poetry prize at his school - or that he was a published poet or something to that nature - I cannot recall. In fact his reason for being there was a bizarre anecdote, but who can remember these things?

Flash forward to a few months later. I go to a Patrick Wolf gig - with who? Natalia? maybe my sister Chez?? and possibly a couple of her friends? who did I go to that gig with? hmmm. I was a couple months away from starting my undergraduate degree at Kent. And of course upon instant entrance of the gig, which was at KOKOs, also in Camden (hardly suprising, it was the playground of my teenage years) - who do I bump into, but that same odd poet. So of course, we enjoyed a drink and danced the do-si-do to the magic position (the name of a song - it was not some sort of a sex act I can assure you). Something about dancing that night has always stayed in my memory.

Well, shortly afterwards I began university, and it turned out Charlie Baylis was also a student at Kent. Over the years we stayed friends - never really that close - but we would always chat at bars and house partys and the like. I also remember that I met him for a drink in London earlier last year. Or was it the year before? I know Ive met him for a drink at some point in The Old Blue Last (East London bar), I think he was travelling back from Europe. I dont remember why we met that day, but I can say I find there to be something quite wonderful about the people who come in and out of our lives unexpectedly.

Strangely, I sat down to write about how my car battery died last night outside Mito station. LUCKILY I had two wonderful friends to help. Two real English gentlemen, who happen to speak incredible Japanese and were there to help with the ordeal. Actual theres not much to the story - im just worried that my car will break down at a time when I have no translators or combinis in sight. But the nostaligia caused by music mixed with the remaining effect of a heavy sedative from last night can really add a quirk to things.

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  1. Oh, oh, oh! Household chores are exactly that, a chore! Sorry your apartment smells so bad, what about a reed diffuser, they work, you must keep warm, hot drinks and do you have a hot water bottle????? I feel I should come and make you some chicken soup, do you think it will be still freezing when I get there in middle of March??? Winter is a bummer wherever you are! its pretty dull and rainy and miserable here too. What else can I tell you to cheer you up, well, I have decided to let my hair go curly and natural, it looked quite good for the first week and I spent about £50 on products to make your hair curl nicely, well, now one week on, I dont know what has happened, no matter what I do, it looks like mattress stuffing gone bad, yet, I have done exactly what I first did last week, just never understand curly hair, even though I have had it all my hair cursed days, it never looks the same from one day to the next and always looks fine for tennis but not for going out for dinner, oh well cest la vie!!!
    Dont fret about things and you will get your money back xxxxxxxx


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