Thursday, 16 January 2014


zara has been angry this week. angry. I got so angry the other night that I gave myself a nosebleed. Theres a first. my apartment smells bad. I had to dish out 100 quid for the sake of idiocy. I doubt ill see that money again. What do I get for it? my living room smells like piss, thats what. for reasons known to the person who made it smell like that. Guess what? Japanese washing machines were not built for that. the dry cleaner has ripped me off for washing my coat. I managed to spill every liquid I came into contact with onto it over the weekend. My new expensive kotatsu cover now smells awful. Thanks. Alice Russel seems to be working quite well for this. I have no classes AGAIN.. so what can I do when left to my own thoughts for 8 straight hours but dwell. Last night the water in my aparto would not heat up. I spent an hour heating water using pots and pans over the stove - only to fill my bath a tiny amount for the least satifying bath in my life. What a waste of time and gas. It did make me realise how much water it does take to fill a bath tub. a fair amount. My body was freeezing apart from the lower 3 inches. Prior to that, I spent the whole evening running back and forth between the coin laundry trying to regain the status quo level of homliness - so why does nothing smell clean? I added so much washing liquid. Im gonna have to do it again I think, what a pain in the neck. Im spending a fortune with this shit. mundane chores are the least interesting part of life. Now im sat at work venting. Ive left the windows slightly ajar - hoping to air out the place somewhat. but it just means im going to be going back to the coldest apartment of all time. my bedroom was 3 degrees when I woke up this morning. getting out of bed is not an enjoyable experience in this season. The conclusion is that I am no longer allowing smelly people to stay at/go near my delicate apartment.

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