Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lucys trip day 3

I took Lucy into Tokyo for the first time. I must say that im a terrible tour guide - I know nothing about tokyo - I have very little sense of direction as it is, and Tokyo is 10 times more confusing that London. long story short, we did see some stuff, but mostly got lost - while looking for nothing in particular. Lucy saw local Japanese spiders for the first time
Harajuku as always:
who are these cool dudes?:
whats a fine creature like you doing in a place like this?:
FYI Topshop IS in Tokyo:
We found a nice posh little cafe where Lucy paid WAY too much money for a cup of tea (like 500Y/ 4 pounds) which she accidentally drowned in milk. OUCH.
They had a Ben and Jerrys place in Shinjuku where I got a cup of my favourite ice cream of all time, peanut-butter yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy:
I also discovered that a Max Brehner is coming to Tokyo YESSSSSSSSSs:
We eventually took the train back to Katsuta and went for a Kaihten Zushi (conveyor belt sushi meal):
When we got home Tom Hanks was on a Japanese game show trying Japanese food:
According to the subtitles he is saying "totally delicious" but seeing as they were feeding him natto, I think he was lying. Sorry Tom, your acting skills do not deceive me.

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