Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Last weekend I went to a thanksgiving dinner party thing in Hitachi. Calling something a dinner party makes it sound somewhat sophisticated - trust me it wasnt, we were sat on the floor using plastic cutlery. However, I had never had a thanksgiving meal before, just seen it in many American tv programmes and movies. I sort of expected a regular roast and mash with veg type thing, with people going round the table saying what they were thankful for and a bunch of other cheesy rituals. This isnt what it was like at all. When I asked Tommy (the most american person I know) about it, he gave me a "yea right" eye roll, and simply said "no one really does that stuff". Out of ignorance, I was shocked. I was slightly relieved though - It would have felt weird to get all nostalgic and sentimental over a festival that I cant relate to with a large group of people. Anywho, the food was way more exciting than I expected - there were all these colourful casserole style dishes with exotic names that i had never come across before. It reminded me of that scene in Hook where the lost boys are eating an imaginary meal, all colorful and tropical.
... Also, the company was great. Besides some of the usual suspects that I tend to spend most of my time with here (not complaining, those guys are the shit), there was also this very funny American guy who I had never met before. He literally had me in tears for the whole night. I love it when that happens, I laugh a lot at many things, but I usually can only be brought to tears by some of my oldest friends from home who know exactly how to tickle my funny bone. Physically, this guy reminded me of Adam Buxton, one of my favourite funny people. that was just a happy coincidence. Now I have my own personal adam buxton. amazing. This was all followed by a trip to G-bros, the "go-to" bar in Hitachi. The guy who runs it is very cool. This big Japanese dude with a great sense of humour and an ability to hold his liquor. G-bros is known for is gyoza which is delicious (I think thats why its called G-bros but I cant be sure). Eventually we all crashed at Sams (the guy who hosted the dinner). The next day we went to my favourite food place in Hitachi. Probably the best burger joint Ive ever been to. Its called Beach Burger 9 - a little burger shack on the beach - their beach burger has a black bun and is my favourite burger in life. BB9 is on the surfer beach with all the cool surfer dudes and biker gangs. This is so far remove from anything Im used it. Heres a picture I found on the old reliable net:
Afterwards, I went to Tommys played several rounds of Soul Caliber on the the gamecube sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet and then went home. long story short - another great weekend - japan does it again.

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