Monday, 4 November 2013

second Halloween

I had a great weekend in Tokyo. On Saturday night there was a Halloween party at a club called ‘Origami’ in Shinjuku. This resulted in us dressing up in our costumes again. I was actually invited to another Halloween party this weekend, but I’m glad I can’t go – I don’t think I could enthusiastically dress up as a convict for a third weekend in a row.  After doing a full day of Halloween-themed lessons on Thursday; I reckon I’ll be all Halloween-ed out for this year anyhow.

On the Saturday we journeyed down to Tokyo as a big group of Ibaraki JETS. We stayed at a capsule style hostel called “Shinjuku Ace” where we got ready for the party, munched down a quick tempura and played a few hands of poker. Daniel managed to bump into someone he knew from back in Toronto who gave us an entire bottle of Jack Daniels – I didn’t quite get why, but it certainly turned our game of poker into a rowdy one.

As a hyperactive and costumed posse; 10 of us took the train to Shinjuku. Within an hour or so at ‘Origami’ our group had more or less dispersed – I’m not sure what happened to the others, but I spent the night meeting and sharing stories with other gaijin resident to Japan. I befriended a Turkish girl called ‘Ezra’ – I took down her number, but I wonder if I’ll ever actually contact her? Probably not.

In the morning we re-grouped at the 11am check-out. We had all managed to make it back at various points in the night, apart from Tommy, who we later found out had fallen asleep on the train and had woken up 46 stops outside of Tokyo.  For brunch we went to an excellent little burrito place in Roppongi. When Tommy finally arrived he gulped down two massive burritos back-to-back.  We then wondered around the city for a few hours until it was time to get back on the train and back to another week of teaching high school students in Ibaraki. 

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