Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What's happening next?

This is the last chance ill have to blog for a few days I think. Here's what's to come:

-I have a meeting at this afternoons orientation where they will give us all the travel info for tomorrow. But from what I have gathered, I will go on a bus tomorrow morning with the other Ibaraki JETs which will take us straight to Mito.

At mito we will go to the Ibaraki board of education office where we will be greeted by our supervisors and luggage. We will probably have a meeting and a presentation or whatever- then my supervisor will take me to my apartment and help me set up my new life.

As I have said- not sure when I will get Internet.


  1. Hi Zara
    Trying to post comments, but it aint working!

  2. Woo Hoo! it worked, OK, hope your transition goes smoothly!Chez and I were in town yesterday for her birthday, went to The Ivy for lunch (posh) then shopping (still posh) then late night supper in Marylebone (even posher)
    Miss you ZZZ
    Mooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. OK, packaged your charger, will post first thing in the morning, hopefully get it soon! xxx


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